Become a part of our growing global family by volunteering your time locally and in Haiti. 

GFP is always in need of support with fundraising efforts. Small fundraisers throughout the year play a huge part in helping us create new programs or support exisiting programs, like on-going medical clinics and school tuitions. Fundraisers don't need to be fancy galas, GFP has had great success with pop-up charity stores, rummage sales and car washes. 

• Bake Sales • Benefit Concerts • Car Wash/Dog Wash • Craft Sales • Garage Sales • Haitian Coffee Sales • Change Drives • Raffles • Silent Auctions/eBay Auctions • Hike for Haiti

We encourage business professionals to volunteer their expertise, whether your background is in marketing, media, event planning, accounting, web design, etc. 

Contact us for more suggestions! 

Join us in Haiti and volunteer at our children’s home in the community of Ouanaminthe, Haiti. We encourage individuals, groups and families to join our volunteers as we tackle new and old projects in Haiti. This unique philanthropic travel opportunity provides volunteers with a chance do some important work, experience a new culture and enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean in Haiti.

Our volunteer trip opportunities are open to individuals and families. When you travel with Global Family Philanthropy, you will stay in a safe and secure residence. We are looking for a range of volunteers, see below for skills that would most benefit our community in Haiti.


  • Mentors – Our kids are full of curiosity about the world and they love to learn about life through new role models. Sharing your knowledge, energy and excitement for learning is enough to make a real difference.

  • Caregiving and Play – Caring for children who have limited resources can have a lasting impact on their development. Our kids are always happy to see new and smiling faces. They love games, songs, crafts and other activities organized by our volunteers. 

  • Community Center Helper – Help us to empower our local community and individuals with the tools they need to be self-sustainable, successful and knowledgeable in their future endeavors. Our community center can serve as a vocational school, medical/dental clinic and educational center. We also host a meal program every Sunday for the community.


  • Basic health care services – Wellness programs and check-ups can be arranged for our children in residence as well as for neighboring Haitians. Our community center serves as an ideal location for a clinic when we have visiting physicians.

  • Contractors and skilled trades – Help us expand and maintain our facility with your expert skills such as laying block, carpentry, plumbing, painting and more.

  • Instructors for practical skills like sewing, cooking and agriculture – Come teach our family members and neighbors life skills for growing food and building a community together. Your skills are needed to offer tutoring, train teachers or offer special classes. Sharing your teaching skills creates a new, stimulating environment for our kids. New ideas and energy excite the children and provide much needed encouragement for the teachers. 

We have many more ways you can help. If you are interested in traveling with us, please read the following information carefully. Fill-out the application and submit to us by email or mail. We’d love to talk with you about the opportunities to be a part of Global Family Philanthropy.

Read and download our volunteer portfolio:

 Volunteer Information Sheet