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Education is not free in Haiti. It is a precious gift Global Family Philanthropy is committed to sharing. GFP recognizes that Haiti cannot escape poverty and develop as a nation without this gift. Sponsor a student. Let's empower Haiti's next generation together

GFP Kids

Meet our Family. Our children are happy because more than just their basic needs are met. They live in a nurturing environment and they know they are loved. Look at them play and see how they smile, their eyes are filled with joy.


Global Family Philanthropy cherishes good friends. We value meaningful relationships and we're committed to sharing with our community.

GFP Community Center, Torbeck, Haiti

In February 2012, we completed construction of our 8,000 square foot community center in Torbeck, Haiti. The building was designed to provide shelter, educational, agriculture and wellness programs, as well as employment opportunities to the local and surrounding communities.


Volunteers are the life and blood of Global Family Philanthropy. They are our family who helps carry the way. View photos our volunteers took during our recent trips and see the difference our volunteer trips can make not only in the children's lives but in the lives of our volunteers.