October 2010

Not even "beautiful" can be of justice. No, not to describe what the Global Family Philanthropy group (Lori Goldberg, board member Pauline Forrester and volunteers Stacey Caron and Kim Hupke) experienced. The group visited the new GFP home, which was still in construction and shared crafts and keepsakes with the kids. Stacey, a former hygienist, cleaned teeth and gave fluoride treatments to the entire Family. The group shared 250 donated backpacks with GFP's students. The group also took the kids to the island of Ile a Vache, a trip that included a boat ride to a heaven-on-earth sandbar full of starfish in the middle of the ocean, a play day on a postcard-worthy beach and lunch at Port Morgan. But no other beauty can beat what came next. GFP volunteers and the Les Cayes police department rescued a newborn baby girl in the most rural, impoverished area of Les Cayes. The little girl was born to a mentally handicapped woman that had been sexually assaulted. She was ready to abandon the baby because she couldn’t even care for herself. GFP and Les Cayes police took the baby to the hospital to confirm she was healthy and GFP welcomed Clara Rose to the Family.