Holidays in Haiti

There was love, laughter and even loathing. The Global Family Philanthropy group (volunteer Brit Nilsen and the Goldbergs - Lori, Seth, Hannah and Olivia) toured Sean Penn's JPHRO camp in Port au Prince and were astounded by the 60,000 there who were displaced after the earthquake in January. The field of makeshift tents stretched to the horizon. The love and laughter came during Christmas when GFP celebrated the holiday in Les Cayes with its adopted children, who saw Santa for the first time. They didn't know what to make of Santa Seth but they did love his gifts of toys and candy. GFP also celebrated Christmas at the school, where the students enjoyed singing Christmas carols, playing games and sharing gifts. The trip was also productive, GFP painted the school's exterior, purchased 16 chickens for the home, and had a movie night (Madagascar 2!) with the kids. The group also visited a cholera camp and made a friend in Dr. Walter, who is committed to caring for cholera patients and educating the community on prevention. The love and laughter continued as GFP rang in the New Year with singing and dancing.