May 2012

May brought big changes for the GFP children and staff. Lori Goldberg and Jill Richards went to Haiti and secured a new home for our family in the town of Les Cayes. The move from our rural to new urban setting not only reduced costs but provided many new opportunities for our children and staff: better educational opportunities, greater access to food, staples, and health care and easier and safer travel for volunteers. Lori put out a call for more volunteers to help and Stacey Berman Webb and her children, Jake and Sophie, jumped on a plane and arrived to complete the moving process and help the kids settle in. During this time, GFP welcomed new volunteer Chloe Suberville a student at McGill University in Canada, into the GFP family. Chloe visited our home, fell in love with our little ones, and has become a valued member of our volunteer team.