Thanksgiving 2015

By Hannah Goldberg

Judeline was a baby living with her father and grandmother as her mother had passed away. It was heartbreaking. The father could not provide for his child while taking care of his own mother, an elderly woman. It was a very special moment for the organization and especially my mother to have the opportunity to help this family. Bringing a baby, like Judeline, into our Global Family home was life saving and life affirming. Her father later brought Judeline to the house to make sure he was bringing her to a safe environment. They came dressed in their nicest clothes. It was apparent that the father was proud that his daughter could be properly cared for and that he could help ensure that would be the case. Judeline immediately adjusted to the home, and was glued to the side of our oldest boys, Richardson and Evanson. This experience was both heartwarming and amazing; many of the volunteers were in tears.