Nov 22, 2014 7:07pm
Fall 2014

Our Work In Phoenix: 
Global Family Scores a Goal!


Soccer balls for everyone! Global Family Philanthropy recently hit the streets of South West Phoenix to provide the children of Isaac School District with the endless opportunity to score big! Partnering with P1Kids, Global Family participated in the BallToAll Project, providing virtually indestructible soccer balls to underprivileged kids, right here in Phoenix. These soccer balls, made from unique cross-linked closed cell foam, withstand any environment, are designed to be played on any surface AND do not require a pump! Virtually indestructible! In partnering with P1Kids, a culturally competent after school health and exercise program designed to impact Hispanic youth and their families, Global Family was able to provide 350 children of Pueblo Del Sol Elementary with the endless opportunity to play, move, learn and grow! 



  GFP Scores a STRIKE With 

House of Hope and House of Refuge!  


Global Family Philanthropy scored a strike attending the 5th annual Bowl-a-Mania supporting House of Refuge and House of Hope of Sunnyslope, AZ! House of Refuge Sunnyslope (HRS) directly serves men, 18 and over who are homeless or recovering from the devastating affects of poverty. House of Hope Sunnyslope (HHS) provides long-term assistance to single mothers helping them develop the necessary skills to recover from the affects of poverty and homelessness. In addition to volunteering at the annual bowling fundraiser that supports these important programs, Global Family was able to provide home-cooked meals once a month. In addition, Global Family had the wonderful opportunity to host educational classes highlighting the importance of cooking and fitness to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle! 

The Kerr family came out to bowl with GFP for 
House of Hope and House of Refuge
Happy Thanksgiving From Haiti 

Martine and Clara working on Thanksgiving crafts

It's official! We are headed back to Quanaminthe, Haiti on November 25th to check on all our projects. We are excited to visit our children, see how far the medical clinic has come, and spend time with the elderly in Derac and Bon Samaritan. We have been planning and preparing for this adventure since the day we returned from our June trip. Haiti has a particular magic about it that always draws you back!  


We will have several therapists joining us on this trip to provide services to the children and elderly in surrounding villages. We will be collaborating with a local missionary couple, founders of Footprints of the Son, to reach out to several families with special needs children. Our volunteers have been fundraising to bring therapy equipment and supplies to families in need. We plan to build and design a small playground for an inclusion school and one in our children's backyard. All children should be given the opportunity to play without boundaries and it is our goal to make this happen.  


GFP will be making connections with the local schools by sharing soccer balls through our BallToAll partnership. The Global Family children are excited to share their school, teachers, and friends with us. We hope to make a positive and lasting difference in their lives while building a sense of community between the locals and our volunteers. We will be looking forward to seeing Father Medenel and continuing to organize our clinic in preparation for future services.  


We have much to accomplish during this trip, but have very motivated volunteers! We are looking forward to the many adventures. Please continue to support Global Family Philanthropy as we embark on our upcoming trip! 




The Thriving Residents of Project Dignity/Oma's House     


We as a family at GFP, have been blessed to be able to create a clean, bright, loving and healthy home for some of the abandoned elderly in the rural village of Derac, Haiti. In June 2014, GFP volunteers welcomed the first 10 residents to their newly constructed home. This wonderful group, pictured below, are inspiring in their thirst for life, despite the living conditions they have endured for years. It has been an amazing opportunity for us as a family at GFP to provide these 5 men and 5 women a place to call home, community and above all, family. Through on-going fundraising, GFP hopes to expand Project Dignity/Oma's House as there is a great need for housing and medical care for the lovely and grateful people of countless abandoned villages throughout Haiti. 


Relaxing at Oma's House







Zephirim Madame Moralese

Jean Tamise 
Jean Dalina 

Dalce Annalouis 

Des Razin Idamane


Altenor Audilon

Pierre Alondieux 

Montilvert Raphael 

Joseph Bijoux 


Des Ramvinnees-Vertou 


One Island, Two Countries

Haiti And The Dominican Republic

Global Family is going east with new projects.
The history of the island as a whole is complicated, full of nuances and varying points of view. Global Family Philanthropy does not intend to resolve disputes that have been raging for decades, nor come up with solutions to issues that have baffled historians, activists, and politicians since long before any of us were born. We simply want to grow our family and share two amazing countries that have coexisted side by side - at times peacefully, at times in blunt opposition.


We are currently looking into opportunities to help in the Dominican Republic. We are honored and eager to begin working with our long time friend and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic resident, Luis Rodriguez. In our connection with Luis, we hope to continue to expand our family and impact lives on both sides of the island! We are eager to discover what is in store for us as an ever-growing family and we are excited that the very next step is right across the border in the Dominican Republic!  


We will have plenty to share regarding this exciting endeavor in February at Global Family Philanthropy's Imagine 2015! Stay tuned! 


2015 Imagine Award Recipients   

Bridget O'Brien will receive the Imagine Award in 
February 2015 
Bridget is an amazing woman with a huge heart whose life has been nothing short of an adventure! When Bridget was 22 years old she set off to change the world by joining the Peace Corp. She spent two years learning the culture and falling in love with the people of Guatemala. Bridget experienced many trials and tribulations along the way including a nearly fatal mudslide. Upon returning to the states, Bridget continued to help those less fortunate by working in a Mexican orphanage across the border from Yuma. Bridget has received her master's degrees in both speech language pathology/audiology and rural multicultural studies in addition to a doctorate in educational psychology. She has worked in schools in Tuba City and Kayenta as an SLP and helped teach educational psychology within the districts. Five years ago Bridget began fostering a beautiful little girl, Jazi, whom she ultimately adopted. To fulfill the therapy needs of her child and other children in the Phoenix area, Bridget started a therapy company in schools and an amazing multi-disciplinary clinic that continues to grow. She has since married the man of her dreams and adopted her adorable son Jaden, who is Jazi's biological brother. Her family continues to impact the valley through many hours of service and contributions to special needs children and their families. Her love shows through all of her actions and words. She is a true inspiration for all of us and we feel blessed to have her as a member of the GFP family!   
Alex Butura will receive the Imagine Award in 2015

Alexander Butura is currently a senior of the 2015 graduating class at Brophy College Preparatory. Alexander has volunteered with many organizations throughout the years but he especially feels blessed to have experienced the true meaning of philanthropy through Global Family Philanthropy.  As a volunteer traveling with Global Family Philanthropy to Haiti for the last two years,  he has been honored by the kindred spirits of both the young orphans and the gentle elderly.  With the lifelong friendships he has made through volunteering, Alexander hopes to return to Haiti soon.  In the meantime he has continued to help his friends in Haiti by collecting several hundred surgical gloves from doctors throughout the Valley and nationwide which will be sent to Haiti to aid in their medical care. 

Local opportunities for 
volunteers & donors

We're looking to collect the following items for Children First Academy, House of Hope, House of Refuge and UMOM. These are organizations that we support in Arizona. 

  • New or gently used children's shoes - ages 5-14
  • New children's underwear
  • Deodorant
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Infant care kit: baby shampoo, diapers (especially sizes 4-6,) wipes, bottles and formula
  • Copy paper, hand sanitizer and Expo Dry Erase Markers
  • Non-perishable snack foods - granola bars, dried fruit, chewy fruit snacks, beef jerky, chips, etc.


2014-2015 volunteer opportunities at 
Children First Academy

Classroom Tutor: 

Spend 2 hours once a week working in classrooms tutoring math or reading. 
Copy Cat: 

Work a 3-hour shift in the teacher's lounge, making copies of lesson plans and reading materials for teachers.

CFA is a nonprofit school in Phoenix serving nearly 400 students. One hundred percent of students are below the poverty line, and 40 percent are homeless.
2014-2015 volunteer opportunities at 
House of Refuge or House of Hope

"GFP has helped in so many ways; cooking meals for our men, teaching a class to our single moms, and providing scholarships funds for House of Hope kids to each attend a summer camp.  We have been blessed by your hands and your hearts, thank you."

Julie Supplee  

Program Director House of Hope

House of Refuge and House of Hope in Sunnyslope serve men, women and children who are homeless or coming out of homelessness. GFP volunteers assist monthly on projects preparing meals, landscaping,career building, collecting needed supplies, etc. 

If you'd like to volunteer or donate to GFP, please contact Mary Lynn Korn