Dec 31, 2016 12:30pm
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Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year. 
2016 was good to us. 

In January, we welcomed 2-year-old Jo Jo to our children's home.
Set up a small and sustainable goat business for a dear friend.
Staffed and opened our medical clinic and pharmacy two days a week.
Shared hundreds of GFP care kits.
Provided hundreds of fluoride treatments and dental kits.
Shared school supplies with over 500 hundred students.
Provided a quality education to our 14 children. 
In June, we welcomed an elderly man who was near death to Project Dignity.
Secured and set up 3 new homes for extended families who lost everything to Hurricane Matthew. 
Employed 4 staff at our children's home, 5 staff at our medical clinic and 7 staff at our elderly home.
Started the very first soccer team at our children's school.
Shared our Haiti and our family with 35 volunteers.
Provided weekly English classes to our 14 children.
Built a new home for our dear elderly friend in Derac.
Purchased a small vehicle for our children's home.
Set up a small, sustainable taxi service.
Planted a small garden at our children's home.
Fed hundreds.
Provided food, shelter, love, companionship, healthcare, clothing and personal necessities to our 36 family members.
Provided parasite treatments to thousands.
Empowered hundreds of women with feminine hygiene training and kits.
Built, filled and shared 6 chicks4children chicken coops.
In November, we welcomed 5-year-old Sonaita to our children's home.
Made Christmas possible for over 50 children.